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The Special Needs Employment Agency

We were privileged enough to be approached by the lovely guys at Lambent Productions who shot a fantastic documentary following the journey of a number of young individuals with varying special needs wanting to find work and provide for themselves.

With the support of Allan from PLUSS (an award-winning social enterprise that supports thousands of people with disabilities and other disadvantages move into employment), Alex got stuck in to a night's baking with us.

Alex has something called developmental amnesia. He explained that its like quite acute short term memory loss. Something that became very apparent on the shift as he'd barely just weighed up an ingredient and went to put it in the mixing bowl only to turn around and start weighing the same ingredient up again!

He did however do an absolutely fantastic job. Sure, the shift may have taken a "little" longer than it normally does (6hrs longer, although not a fair observation as having camera crews around always lengthens any job as they often need to shoot one action a couple of times from different angles), but unlike a very many chefs and bakers that have come through the bakery and not been able to hack it, Alex did.

He was a real inspiration, we had a good old chuckle, and it is refreshing that he is able to have a giggle about things rather than let it get him down.

We wish him all the best for the future and we hope he finds his dream job soon!

Available to catch up on Channel 5.