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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned baker, we have courses to suit all levels.

Join us for a day's baking in our dedicated bakery school and we will share our passion and savoir-faire with you. You will be a more confident and accomplished baker.

What's included in the course fee?
- Breakfast on arrival

- Lunch

- Course notes or a copy of our book
- A goodie bag with some baking essentials

- A full and fun-packed day learning new skills

   amongst a small group of like-minded people

- Armfuls of your freshly baked goodies

Courses currently offered

Introduction to bread baking: £160

Duration: 8hrs minimum. 9am start.

The introduction to bread making course is designed for both beginner and intermediate bakers.
Perhaps you have never made a dough in your life but you are curious. Or perhaps you have been baking a while but have been getting mixed results and want a better understanding of how bread making works and get better consistency with your baking? 

Either way this bakery course will cover most aspects of baking through the 4 recipes we do on the day. The focus will be on one particular dough which we work with from dry ingredients to finished loaves and goodies, entirely by hand. This allows us to really get into the chemistry and magic that is happening through the bread-making process. The other recipes illustrate quick bread making and also working with enriched doughs using egg and fats for more indulgent offerings, as well as how slow fermentation works. You will walk away a more confident, clued up baker with plenty of tips and tricks of the trade.

What will you be making: White loaf, savoury soda muffins, filled brioche buns, foccacia and savoury chelsea buns (subject to change)

The Holy Grail: Sourdough Baking: £160

Duration: 8hrs minimum. 9am start.

(A beginner understanding of baking basics is preferrable but not essential)

To many, sourdough is the Holy Grail of bread baking. It demands an understanding of bread making and the chemistry behind it that will put all but the most hardened and committed bakers off. 

If terms such as Autolyse, Stretch and Fold, Sourdough Starter, Bulk Fermentation and many more mean little or nothing to you then panic not. We’ll have you baking unbelievable sourdoughs at home in complete confidence by the end of the day with us.

We will also show you how to fit baking into your busy lifestyle and how sourdough baking techniques can be applied to a wide range of products.
Please note: Most Sourdough Baking courses are run over 2 days. To keep this course as affordable and accessible as possible, we are running it as a 1 day course. Therefore, bring plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the day!

What will you be making: White wheat sourdough bread, bagels, two types of rye sourdough, and pancakes made using sourdough discard.

You will also take home some of our sourdough starter to nurture and bake with.

More courses including patisserie will be added soon so join our mailing list (at the bottom of the page) to be the first to know.

About your tutor

Duncan Glendinning had a mid-life crisis a few years earlier than most and gave up his freelance web developer's career to combine two of his passions: baking and sustainability.

His enthusiasm for baking and getting people interested and involved in baking, as well as his growing public profile is what has earned him his ambassadorship at the Real Bread Campaign.
He has also co-authored the book, “Bread Revolution”, and appeared on a number of TV projects.

Your technique has made it easy to bake delicious bread around work hours. I still find it amazing to see the starter come to life after it's been fed, and that such great bread can almost metamorphosis from 3 very basic ingredients.


I was given a sourdough course for Christmas from family. It was just what I needed to iron out the kinks in my baking. A full day of fun, learning and getting creative at this cool little Bath bakery.


I was on the sourdough one day course here. Duncan is a top bloke, an enthusiast and an excellent teacher: the course totally hit the spot for me, a beginner in baking and an occasional experimenter with sourdough loaves. 

Two things stood out for me - Duncan's no-nonsense tuition on how to make a sourdough loaf great; and a proper insight into how you produce quality bakery products in a small-scale artisan bakery. Most courses don't let you go behind the scenes. Here, you get to see the real process and learn how to do it. As you learn, you appreciate the amount of effort that Duncan and the team put into the business.


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Up & coming bakery courses

Did you know that ahead of dates going out on general release we contact all the course gift voucher holders so they get first refusal? Perfect way to jump the queue or to offer as a gift for a loved one. Vouchers can be bought online here.
Holy Grail : Sourdough Baking




Introduction to Bread Baking
Holy Grail : Sourdough Baking




Holy Grail : Sourdough Baking
Introduction to Bread Baking

Thank you to our Bakery School Partners

Kitting out a bakery school is an expensive affair.

Thankfully we found in our bakery school partners a shared passion for baking and wanting to pass on techniques and skills, and a want to collaborate on some great projects.

Thanks to them we now have a beautiful, dedicated bakery school from which we run our courses. Thanks to them we have introduced the joys and benefits of baking at home to very many people. We are not in the business of endorsing products and brands, but we wholeheartedly make an exception with this select few given the generosity they have shown and the fact that they are leaders in their class. Thank you.